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            Zhengzhou Weilai newfashioned wall materials Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise which professionally researches, develops, and produces new types of insulation decorative wall materials. After the United States, Japan and the European part of the developed countries are widely used in building's exterior wall decoration materials, investigation and study, combined with China's national conditions, cultural, climatic characteristics, life and many other aesthetic aspects, develop and produce a "wall of metal embossing surface Decorative insulation board "(also known as the Weilai board). It is also accord with China policy of energy conservation

            Weilai board has the good insulation effect, high-end fashion, easy installation, not easy to come off , Suitable for weather, long life, etc., are widely used in high-rise buildings, modern villas, light steel workshop, moving house, environmental toilets, etc. , and has a good decorative effect. It have passed the Construction Department of Henan Province, building energy-saving product certification, the State Ministry of Construction to promote energy-saving insulation of building decoration materials.

            The company has an advanced embossed metal surface exterior wall decoration board computer-controlled automated production lines with annual production capacity of 400,000 square meters, producing products of various colors and different patterns such as brick pattern, water ripple, wood, gravel, small stone, marble, etc, meeting the insulation and decoration needs of high-grade office buildings, commercial residential buildings, modern villas and other building's exterior wall.

            Weilai will "Service for World warmth for People" as Business ideas. Depend on excellent team and advanced production line,  Weilai provides high quality products and services to Hold hands with you to create fine future together.


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